Trends that never go out of style

These styles bring in its tow a plethora of style statements that soothe the millennial soul. From exciting fabrics used for textural interplay and spruce up your everyday flats to strappy heels designed to complement the skirts and shots that beat the heat, this season is all about creative fun to really enjoy the shades of the season with women’s shoe trends 2022.

At The Cai Store, we have shortlisted below our favourite trendy women footwear that took this season by storm and how. How many of these women’s casual shoes have you donned this season?

Offbeat textures

From the slight ruggedness of jute to the show-stopping elegance of transparent heels, this season has really revelled in minimalist but eye-catching fabrics to create the shoe strap. One of our bestsellers in this women’s casual shoes category were the jute wedge sandals, that combined the best of both worlds. The rustic jute formed the edging of the wedges, while the transparent ankle strap adds elegance and subtlety to our women’s footwear. Perfect for an all-white look, these wedges made the brunch to dinner companion.

Women’s Casual Shoes Online

Pearl embellishments

Pearls were the favourite element of every accessory and wearable this season, making it the women’s shoe trends of 2022- be it pearl buttons sewed on shirts, double pearl rings and earrings, pearl bags and handles, and of course, our favourite, pearl strapped shoes. The soft sheen of the gem stole everyone’s hearts, and we followed this trend with our pearl stone flats, which immediately made these slip on the ace accessory to rock every look in the book - from traditional to party-ready to lunch and shopping, or even a casual night in at a friend’s.

Pearl Stone Flats Online For Womens

Party shimmer in flats

Summer is all about stealing the show while staying fuss-free. Hence, some people love to invest in stylish pairs of flats for the season and comfortable footwear for ladies, so that they can feel their comfortable best while looking sharp at the same time. Thus emerged sparkling flats, embedded with sequins, studs and shimmer to really make the most of this trend. We designed a lot of pairs because this concept turned out to be a game changer, but one of our favourites continues to be the shimmer entangled flats, which is so gorgeous to look at and are one of the latest footwear online.

Sparkling Flats For Womens Online

Knit finishes

Like we said, textural interplay was the beat of 2022, and so, knit finishes were a thing. The slight hint of skin peeping through the knit captures the essence of the season. These woven fabrics came in an array of popping colours, and was paired with heels and flats alike, but our favourite remained the nude combination of tan and white, which looked like a beach in a shoe.

Knit Finishes For Womens

Fun with beads in natural fabrics

Since pearls and rustic natural fabrics became a thing this season, shoe designers got innovative and started combining these inspirations to come up with innovative styles and designs. One such idea that caught on was to sew funky beads onto natural and knitted fabrics to make your footwear casual, and yet, full of spunk. An absolute delight to don on vacations, these women’s casual shoes matched with literally anything under the sun (pun intended).

Women’s Casual Shoes

Embellished T-straps

Whoever said that T-straps are a casual thing has clearly never set their eyes on The Cai Store’s collection of embellished T straps, that dominated the charts as far as festive dressing was concerned. So rich and dressy and yet so effortlessly chic, pairs like these became a wedding trend that every dancing baraati swore by. Walk a mile our women’s footwear, and you’ll have found yourself a new best friend.

Embellished T-Straps Womens Footwear

Popping colours

The spirit of the season can best be reflected with popping hues that pack a punch of spirited fun in them. Since the millennials were loving studded, strappy footwear, we came up with an entire line of eccentric 3D straps that were ideated in bright neon colours so that the wearer could really play around with their slip on. Pair it with a monochrome outfit, and you’re ready to steal the show. Go check out our website and buy ladies footwear and women’s shoes online. Your wait ends here! Find the latest footwear online.

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