Step in CAIs Summer Essentials

Kick off your summer adventures with the perfect pair of CAI shoes! 🌞👡 #SummerSteppin'



I bought these a few months back while scrolling through Instagram, as much as it was an experiment- i was pleasantly surprised with the quality and finesse of these heels, the triangle heel looks stunning and complements well with ethnics as well as westerns.

Neha Puri

Utmost Comfort

These pair fits like a glove even for someone who has a wide feet like mine!! Worth the investment

Tanya Dsouza

Cai has always been my favourite brand for footwear 🤩
Fits perfectly with extra ordinary designs

Aashika Singhania

A very good everyday pair of shoes. Comfortable on the feet, go with right about anything because of the neutral tones. I've been wearing them for a good 3 months now and they've started to show some signs of wear on the edges but apart from that, it's been an excellent buy.


Super classy!

Rishika Jhunjhunwala