Our Story


CAI is the brainchild of Aradhana & Dhanraj Minawala, two entrepreneurs who dared to take an unprecedented business stride, and shaped an extraordinary trend in the footwear industry. The CAI store was launched in 2015 with the sole purpose of providing non-leather footwear locally and globally to the trend-conscious at affordable prices.

With an emphasis on aesthetics and functionality, CAI incorporates an eclectic collection ranging from open and closed flats to heels and wedges in multiple colours, patterns, and embellishments.

Remaining true to its homegrown and bespoke sensibilities, CAI believes in prioritizing customer satisfaction to create fun and relatable fashion-forward styles with impeccable quality.


At CAI, our philosophy is simple. With all our designs being fashioned keeping in mind three distinct attributes – trendy, comfortable, fashionable - the product speaks for itself. Our shoes introduce a fresh take on cruelty-conscious consumption, with a w ide variety and sophisticated themes in the designs.

We create aesthetic yet functional footwear that distinctively sets us apart from the norm. We prioritize customer satisfaction with a deep emphasis on excellence in quality above everything.

At CAI, we put in a lot of effort and ‘soul’ into our designs. Choosing the right colour and material helps us make the perfect pair of shoes for you!


CAI’s core principal revolves around the balance of design and skilled craftsmanship, where every creative expression honours tradition. Each pair of shoes is made lovingly by artisans who are passionate about their craft. Combining traditional and new techniques of shoemaking, our shoes are handcrafted from start to finish.

Every shoe is thoroughly checked and tested - it’s comfort and durability is measured for a month before its launch in the market.

CAI strives to achieve mastery in every aspect of creation and provides women around the world shoes of the highest quality.


The epitome of grace and style, Aradhana Minawala and the visionary entrepreneur, Dhanraj Minawala are the heart and soul of CAI. With an MSc in Strategic Marketing, Aradhana is a graduate of Warwick University, United Kingdom. Dhanraj is a Gemmologist from GIA, London. After their wedding, Aradhana joined Dhanraj in their family business involved in the manufacturing of diamond jewellery.

After acquiring valuable industry experience, Aradhana decided to follow her dream. She loved shoes and desired to start an environmentally-conscious venture of her own. This led to the birth of CAI. The CAI Store was launched in 2015 with the aim of providing fashionable non-leather footwear to the modern woman. With a stress on contemporary styles and compassionate virtues, CAI footwear is not only aesthetically appealing but also comfortable and affordable. CAI shoes are free of animal cruelty and do not use any animal or animal by-products.

Dhanraj takes care of the business development and manufacturing arm of the brand while Aradhana looks into Administration and Marketing of CAI shoes.