Most comfortable women’s flats 2022

Despite the name and nature of the footwear endorsing its comfort vehemently, it’s sad but true that not all flats available in the market today are comfortable… unless they’re from The Cai Store, of course. The concept of ‘flat footwear’ suggests walkability, and yet, flimsy finishes, unsupported arches, a complicated string here, a tug there, not to mention the hardened finishes - it’s a cat and mouse hunt kind of situation to navigate out of the mess with your heels intact and blister-free.

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We, at The Cai Store, were quick to realise this situation and designed flats that checked all the boxes. So, don’t get fooled by our trendy, inviting designs that often make you question the comfort and longevity of the piece. Each piece of shoe, sandal and slide is supportive, comfortably snug, and of course, sassy! Ahead, discover our favourite foot-hugging styles of 2022 that are comfortable to feel and chic enough to match the season’s latest trends.

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Workwear slides we swear by Your workwear shoedrobe essentially requires effortlessly chic pieces that can be broadly categorised under two heads - smart everyday basics that instantly elevate your office ensembles and power dressing accessories to pull you through important days and meetings. Your everyday basics should be flats that you can run in, without feeling any discomfort in your feet. They can be a mix of neutral colours, along with one or two vibrant (but not loud) pieces to add a pop of colour, especially if you’re in a creative role. May we suggest our Tan Knot Flats, Studded slip on Pink or for this segment? And, for days when you really need to leave a lasting impression that is sharp and stylish, our Shimmer Entangled Flats will save the day. So comfortable that they can be classified as flat, and yet with the tiny kitten heel for that extra edge. Our quilted slides are a popular pick for work meetings too, because they hug your feet with so much love, and look crisp and confident at the same time. But, if you’re someone who prefers something more closed, opt for our Silver cross flats. They look great with formal wear and smart casuals alike.

Comfortable Flats For Women

Girl gang staples: Whether it’s an afternoon at the mall, or an ‘oatmeal latte and avo toast’ kinda morning, or even a girl’s night out the scene, you know you want to put your best foot forward (literally so) when you’re hanging with your best bunch. You want to look wow while wearing a pair you can be wild in, without risking a broken ankle. This is where some of our signature designs come to your rescue. Our Grey Stone flats, Peachy Moon flats and Glitter Magic flats make the perfect slide on that seamlessly fits into your ensemble, no matter what you wear. Our Jute is Cute pair is especially popular during the summer season, as it exudes tropical vibes and how. As far as your night outs are concerned, For an occasion that calls for something even more elevated and dressy, our Brain in Flamingo and Summer Breeze sell like hotcakes. Finally, think of our Marshmallow block heels for nights that turn into mornings. Elevated enough to be called as ‘block’ and comfy enough to fall within the flats category, your feet will actually feel comfortably cushioned in a bed of marshmallows, and look as appealing as it too!

Comfortable Flat Footwear For Women

Holiday staples: Are you looking for flats you can go on holiday with? They should rank high under three heads. One, they should be versatile enough to match with literally anything, so that your outfit choices are not limited by your footwear. Two, they should be lightweight, and take up minimal space in your luggage. And three, they should look really, really good. Keeping these points in mind, we have four suggestions that earn maximum points in all criterions, so much so that you can last an entire trip in just one pair. We have our Knotted Stripes Blue, that may look like your average strap flats, and yet, when you slide into them, you’ll realise the understated magic it weaves. Ditto, our Weaved in peach flats, that can take you from morning to night. Our Rose gold strands is all about soft glam and looks so dressy while keeping you feeling easy-breezy, while our Bouncy Twin and Super Softy slides are all about exaggerated drama and cuteness. Totally a holiday in spirit.

Date Staples: If you don’t want tripping or staggering bloopers at your next date, and want to feel at ease from head to toe, opt for our dramatic flats. Accentuated with ruffles, knots and other elements that infuse delicate femininity into your ensemble, you’ll glow in them, we promise. Our favourite recommendations – are the studded collection and the stud me white flats a piece to own for sure!

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