5 Spring Shoe Trends

The month of fashion weeks has just whizzed past us, and while we’re still soaking in the countless prints and cuts that are in vogue this season, what we’re really excited about are the shoe designs that will complement them best. Each season has witnessed a style or two that has really left its mark, and caught the attention of trendsetters, who have in turn, made the world rage in them. And while the last two years were strongly populated by furry slides and chunky slides, it really looks like shoe designers are now all geared up to bid goodbye to lockdown fashion, and take the outside world by storm with strappy, vibrant platform sandals, party-ready heels decked in embellishments, and so much more. Think punchy heels and futuristic see-through designs. Read on to discover The Cai Store’s collection of the season’s most recommended.

Platform heels:

If wedges form the middle ground of tying together the comfort of flats with the pair of heels, platform heels were invented with the desire of elevating this combination by several notches. Here, it ticks both ends of the pendulum, where you walk tall while feeling as comfortable as you would in your grounded slip-on. Available in a fantastic range of silhouettes and designs, you won’t even miss the sloped nature of your favourite heels. And so, 2022 spring-summer is all about walking in style in towering platform wedges that are guaranteed to steal the spotlight at any party. The ‘out-of-practice’ of the heels situation won’t bite you, not if you have these beauties to fall back on. Head-turning enough to make a statement, yet flexible enough to be worn all year round, you will want to keep platform heels handy for days when you need a fashion boost. Bonus points for ankle strap variations, such as the Ruffled collection. Turn to our ‘Pooja in’ variations for a glamorous look at your next evening soiree, trust us, you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Platform Heels For Womens

Flip Flops:

No, we are not talking about your everyday bathroom slippers. Flip-flops today are eye-catching thong slippers and regular slides - available in the most vibrant, fancy designs and heels that spark interest and inspire conversation. Designed to please the loungewear crowd, these styles soon became a rage because foot hugs have honestly never looked so great before. Think of our ‘strapped in’ or ‘tied in’ series, or even our sunshine flats. Our braided platforms too, make a worthy mention in this category. Chic and modern, these slide sandals embody trendy styles and relentless comfort. Finished with detailing that is fun and appealing to the youth, these pairs come with the promise to instantly perk up your outfits. You will be drawn towards these pieces on most of your off-duty days and will invest in so many styles and designs, that they’ll dominate your shoedrobe, without any regrets. Slip into these beauties for errand days, or even night outs - and you will be a happy person.

Womens Flip Flops

Embellished Sandals:

This season is all about playing around with a plethora of embellishments. We have with us pearl embellishments, such as Pearl Me up Flats, chain-link hardware hints against translucent traps, like the Clear Strap Chained Flats, colour-popping pointed self-design embellishments, such as the Studded Slip On available in a diverse range of eye-popping colours, the sequins design as in the case of the ‘Glammed in’ or ‘Sparkled in’ collection, and most popularly, the bejewelled, crystal embellishments, such as the Two Strap Embellished, ‘Bejewelled in’ line, or even the Bronzed, or Dark Beauty collection. The thing about these entrustments is that they are key to instantaneously amplifying any ensemble, and offer easy day-to-night transition making them a worthy addition to your existing wardrobe. Plus, they let these add-ons do all the talking. In turn, their simplistic design promises to appeal to the most stripped-down Sartorialist.

Embellished Sandals For Womens