Emerging Soles

Creativity was never made to fit into a box, it was meant to transcend into everything. We wanted to take our love for shoes and open that up to a whole new world of creatives so we teamed up with 5 designers who were acing the game with their design form. What better way to celebrate their creativity and innovation  than combining their world with ours and giving them our community to share this with!

We give to you “Emerging Soles” the best of creative worlds at your feet 

Illumination created by Avishi, ADK. 

Moving beyond illusions, creating an urge to be different; as you walk into the silence of the night, the ultimate place to shine. Stand out from the crowd with our collection that fuses style and function with reflective metallics, windbreaker fabrics, and neon.

Code Crafted created by Smruti, NO NA MÉ

Introducing Code Crafted, a collection inspired by modern architectural beauty and technological aesthetics. It uses circular cutouts reminiscent of the digital realm and metallic accents that evoke a sense of technological precision. Crafted with comfort in mind, the collection seamlessly marries sophistication with cutting edge boldness.

Love Letter created by Tania, Maarteeni

Meet Love Letter, a collection seamlessly blending delicate designs and confident strides. It’s a celebration of the graceful and the bold making a statement with each pair.

Off-Court created by Swati

Inspired by the sportscore aesthetic, the unique silhouettes and shapes, along with the distinctive white stitch details, brings a sense of new energy to the collection. The collection is designed to make your footwear the focal point, while the neutral colour palette ensures versatility for your wardrobe. 

Ukiyo created by Arshna

Ukiyo, a Japanese art that talks about the Japanese aesthetics of beauty, love and spirituality, is the central influence in our journey to create the collection. Our designs are inspired by the textures and details seen in these artistic traditions and reflects the interconnectedness of the opposites, a balance between simplicity and complexity.