Womens Footwear



CAI was founded in 2015 with the mindset that the quality of the product should speak for itself. All our designs are created under three standard rules: trendy, comfort and quality.

Our shoes introduce a fresh take on cruelty-conscious consumption, with ample variety in designs and sophisticated themes in the designs.

We create aesthetic yet functional footwear that distinctively sets us apart from the norm. We prioritize customer satisfaction and create fashion forward styles with impeccable quality above everything.

At Cai, we put in a lot of effort and ‘soul’ into our designs. Choosing the right colour and material helps us make the perfect pair of shoes for you!


Combining traditional and new techniques of shoe making, our shoes are handcrafted from start to finish to ensure durability. Each pair is made lovingly by artisans who are passionate about their crafts.  

Womens Shoes