You can run a mile in these five flats

Women’s flats are hands-down the most used, worn and owned pieces in everyone’s shoedrobe, and for good reason. They’re comfortable. They’re practical. They can serve you to fulfil every purpose. And these days, flat footwear for women are available in an array of colours, textures and styles that can easily complement your formal and party looks too. Think embellishments, studs, mule cuts, negligible kitten heels, and so many more ideas.

The pandemic made most of us get too used to the comfortable flats for women that when the world reopened, designers understood that the need of the hour was to come up with designs that soared high on the fashion metre, but remained functional and highly comfortable at the same time. We, at The Cai Store, understood this too, and elucidated below are five great-looking flats that we know will look great with just about everything, and wrap your feet in a well cushioned hug.

Aqua Dip Flats;

For poolside days, shop-till-you-drop afternoons and evenings that are all about easy lounging, look no further than these flats. The vibrant blue hue will give your eyes the much-needed dose of Vitamin Sea, while the broad V strap instils you with a sense of support at the very sight of it. Easy breezy aesthetically but highly functional in practicality, these women’s flats will become your go-to pair whenever you have a long list of errands to run, but you’ll also find yourself reaching for our stylish flats for women when relaxed spa days are the need of the hour.

Aqua Dip Flats For Womens Online

Clear Strap Chained Flats

From monochrome to multi-tone, flared pants to fitted shorts, wrap dresses to tulip skirts, these flats come with a ‘one-pair-fits-all’ promise, and lives up to it. The transparent strap and chain-link hardware is a trend that is here to stay, and this women’s flats makes the most of it in a way that is highly comfortable and user-friendly. Pair them with a formal ensemble and you’re ready for office, and change into a casual jumpsuit to rock your after-dark chic - this pair can really match with everything, and stay with you from morning to night without the slightest hint of discomfort. The repeat orders we get for this one say so too.

Clear Strap Chained Flats Online


Vanilla Twists

So elegant and chic, we would look for occasions to slip these on, until we realised that we don’t need to, for this pair will sit right in every situation. We were in disbelief when we were told that it feels even better than it looks, but one afternoon we took these for a spin, and became a fan - and haven’t stopped wearing it since. The matte white finish with the delicate twist is so feminine and yet sharp, while the comfortable streamlined silhouette is what dream shoe cuts are made up of. From afternoons at the mall to endless parties, this pair is also a holiday essential because it matches almost everything and lasts you for hours.


Vanilla Twists Flats For Womens Online

Studded Slip on Pink

How could we not include a pair from our stylish flats for women and favourite custom three dimension stud collection in this list. Designed to impress and look impeccably crafted, our womens flats comes in so many colours, but we chose to include our pink flats because they’re the most flexible matching-wise, and the shade is so edible to look at. The staircase-inspired edging of the strap immediately makes your feet look elegant and slim, while the bright hue adds fun spirited creativity into the overall look.


Studded Slip On Pink Flats Online

Pearly Jute Mules

Our forever date for everything festive, these jute-finished mules with dainty pearls embellished all over are a catch and we know it. So dressy that you can’t help falling in love and yet just so comfortable that you don’t have to think twice before slipping them on, shoes like these are what dreams are made of. Our pearls glimmer beautifully under the light of the sun and the moon, amplifying the overall oomph factor of the look. Go get your beauties now while you find our flats for women online.


Pearly Jute Mules Online