Walk The World With Cai In Our Perfect Travel Shoes

We are living in times where love for travel and fashion have juxtaposed and now, airport looks are a thing and we record memories through our reels. Our Instagram stories are a shareable memory album of sorts, so it’s only natural that we’ll want to look our best. Hence, travel plans call for detailed outfit planning – especially because we need to pack every possible mood and vibe within our limited baggage allowance.

But fret not – The Cai Store is here to rescue us all from our dilemma, at least when it comes to shoes. Invest in Cai’s versatile and stylish footwear that will shuffle their role from being your ideal day shoe, to the ultimate party slipper, to even the comfiest walking shoes for women in no time – and you leave us feeling cute and comfortable at the same time.

Matchable with a majority of your wardrobe choices – take these five recommendations for your perfect walking shoe during travel seriously – and you’ll have found a globetrotting companion for a long, long time.

Black and White Rope Flats/Wedges: From blending impeccably with your city girl looks, to being the ideal ally for a beach vacation, to even filling the boots of a fuss-free, supportive hilly companion, you can turn to our black and white rope flats every time. With its universal, cannot-go-wrong-with color palette and rustic, sophisticated finish, these pair of flats guarantee to be your round-the-clock companion as the best walking shoes for women through every destination, every adventure. What’s more, in case you’re somebody who prefers a little bit of elevation in their footwear, these pair of slip-ons have a doppelganger in a wedge-cut finish to promise you the same comfort and a heightened sense of style with the same, loveable finish.

Tan Quilted Slides: Who doesn’t love a pair of neutral-toned flats that are cozy enough to slip into all the time as your go-to ladies walking shoes, and yet, trendy enough to not look out of place at a swanky bar or restaurant. Enter – our tan quilted slides, designed to check all the boxes of being one of the best walking shoes for ladies in India. Its cushioned footbed and streamlined silhouette assures walkability without compromise, while the tan exterior with a sophisticated, subtle quilted strap enhances its trendy aesthetic. Whether you’re going for an adventure with your girl gang, a relaxing holiday with your fam jam or a romantic vacay with your one and only, this one is a must-carry.

Studded Pink Slip On: Do you know why the Mean Girls wore pink on Wednesdays only? It’s because they hadn’t come across The Cai Store’s Studded Pink Slip-on Flats – if they had, they would have worn the color every day. So colorful, stark and bright, they look like pieces of square, hard candy that have been styled along the V-strap in a manner that is oh so chic. What adds to this almost-edible appearance is the mindful design of the pair of flats, to ensure wearability and longevity. Available in so many different colors, we totally swear by its pink version, at least on holidays. The hue is attractive, and yet, complements most outfits round-the-clock effortlessly.

Pink Quilted Flats: This is another beauty in pink that we love going on a holiday with. It’s been our loyal companion through long hours of shopping and even longer hours of partying, without our feet breaking into a sweat or feeling any kind of exhaustion. Its unique design often sparks interest and inspires conversation, so be ready to receive compliments if you decide to go to a destination with this pair of shoes for women. We aren’t even exaggerating when we write this, but these flats are pretty much the comfort of sneakers with the chic finish of a party heel, combined into one.

Tan Knit Flats: The rustic, crochet-like finish. The streamlined silhouette. The tan and white color palette. The comfortable footbed. What’s there not to love? We thought that this pair of footwear was perfect for beach holidays until we took it along with us to the mountains, and it was so supportive and comfortable that we wore it throughout our holiday. So, from Amalfi coast to Amsterdam, Switzerland, Rajasthan, Disneyland and everywhere else – you can turn to our Tan Knit Flats to score maximum points on the fashion and fuss-free scale.