Walk back to office in style with these five power dressing pairs

With offices finally reopening, even if only for a few days of the week, we’re head over heels in excitement to get out of our pyjamas and out of the house to finally reunite with our colleagues who we were separated from by a screen for far too long. And everyone needs the best office shoes to make an impression, and these definitely are part of our stylish shoes for women collection. Employees with a hybrid model have yet another reason to look forward to work - they’re not bogged down with the monotonous fatigue of heading to work every day, and so on days when they have to show up, they want to put their best foot forward, and so, we have the best designs of the best office shoes are here to help them achieve just that.

Not only do these five pairs mentioned below serve a host of other purposes, but they also make a great power dressing accessory when you want to show up looking crisp and sharp at work.

Beige Block Heels

Something neutral, something stylish, something comfortable - if this is your mantra when you’re shopping for heels shoes for women and slip on shoes for women, you’ve found something that checks all the boxes. Our beige block heels are ever so elegant in their criss cross strap design, and so flattering on the eye that we can’t help reaching for them for leisure wear too. Whether you’ve worn a midi dress to work or a ruffled shirt with a pencil skirt, this pair will complement every formal outfit and pass with flying colours. The sturdy block heel also goes a long way to give your confidence a boost during important meetings and presentations.
Beige Block Heels For Womens

Two Tone Interlocked Beige Flats:

If your work involves a lot of running around, or you have to walk quite the distance to make your way to your desk, you may not be comfortable with the idea of wearing heels on a regular basis. This is where these flats step in. Formal enough to make a fine impression and comforting enough to slip into on fuss-free days, we are in love with the interplay of neutral hues and the subtle design that is chic and charismatic at the same time. What’s more, our branded shoes for women look great with shift dresses on casual afternoons too.
Two Tone Interlocked Beige Flats Online

Statement Rose Gold Slip Ons:

Brighten up your days at work with the soft sheen of rose gold that makes this pair such a great investment. We would constantly find ourselves reaching for this pair on girly afternoons at the mall until we realised that they look great with office shirts and denims too. A compliment from the boss later, these slip-on shoes for women immediately became our long-lost friend especially when we knew it’s going to be a long day at work. And if your day is looking down, look down and stare at its brilliant rose gold hue, you’ll find your smile.
Statement Rose Gold Slip Ons Flats For Womens

Denim Blue Chained Heels:

Give your confidence and spirit a lift with our chained heels. We love the self-design texture with a hint of metallic hardware. Formal, sharp and yet so funky and experimental, our office shoes for women are a miracle worker when you want to pitch something refreshing and important to your superiors. Your outfit goes a long way to represent your attitude, and this pair is all about confident, trendsetting, fearless and creative. Wear our stylish shoes for women to work, wear them to brunch, and you’d have found yourself a peppy best friend to instantly brighten up your spirit.
Denim Blue Chained Heels Online

Lady Mules Kitten Heels:

Closed toe shoes are always a winner when you’re heading to a formal event, but this one is our favourite so far because it is so well-cushioned and comfortable. It soars high on the aesthetic meter owing to its pointed toe design, the chain accent and the elegant kitten heel, and this instantly spruces up your aura when you’re at work. The elevation is great to instil you with a sense of confidence, and your overall sharpness will always look impressive. Go grab your pair now when you buy women’s shoes online on our website.


Lady Mules Kitten Heels Online