Seven Hacks for your Footwear Closet

Don’t we all want a wardrobe dripping with the season’s biggest trends, specially when it comes to footwear? The range of options are endless, and their appeal, jaw-dropping. There are pointed pumps with crystal embellishments, fuzzy feeling inspired cushioned open-toe block heels, knee-high boots in futuristic metallics, and of course, dreamy flats that make great party companions too. In short, it’s wishful thinking to own a shoe to suit nearly every mood.

The challenge doesn’t lie in getting our hands on them. That’s the easy part. What’s tougher is the challenge of maintaining the quality of your shoedrobe, and battling the issues that come in its tow. So, what if we told you that handling them all need not be fraught with drama— or result in an empty pocket? Trust us, all it takes to get the shoedrobe of your dreams is a creative attitude and a few simple tricks - and Cai Store bookmarked on your internet screens, of course. Here are seven hacks we love and can’t get enough of.

Shoe Cabinet
  1. Online shoe-shopping:

    How to get the size right every time? It’s true that each shoe brand follows a sizing policy that might be slightly different from another, which is why it makes sense to be sure of the length and width of your foot to avoid bad purchases. Yes, you read that right, the width too. Take a piece of paper and place your foot on it. Mark the tip of your longest toe and the furthest part of your heel. Connect them with a ruler. Similarly, mark both the ends of the widest part of your feet. Measure both these distances with the ruler and voila, you’ve got your size right. 

  1. Getting your tight-fit shoes snug:

    Sometimes we purchase some pieces which are stunning to look at, but a little uncomfortable to wear, because they’re too tightly fitted. And hey, no judgement there, because we too, cannot resist a gorgeous pair of stilettos. So instead, here’s a hack to make them fit you better. Put on your shoes, whatever they may be, but with socks. Take out your blow dryer, and from a distance, apply some heat to it. This warmth will help you loosen the footwear a bit.

  1. Maintaining the shoe shape:

    Like we mentioned just above, warmth can sometimes loosen up your shoes. So, it makes sense to protect them from climatic conditions of any kind. What’s more, it's true when they say that wearing or using your footwear makes it last longer, so give your shoes the illusion that you’re always wearing them. Crush some paper and stuff it in the opening of your shoe before putting it in a dust bag. Not only will your shoes be protected but will maintain their shape and last much longer.

  1. Extra embellishments, please:

    Who doesn’t love jazzy footwear? At Cai Store, all our embellished pieces come with extra crystals in case you lose a few, but there’s still enough to glam up an existing ordinary pair. So, bring out an existing favourite and get creative!

  1. Organisation porn:

    Do you have an overflowing shoe closet and still feel like you have nothing to slide into? It’s time to get, set, sorting, dear friend. Sort your entire collection by colour, style and occasion. Thus, if you’re looking for something pink, you know what to choose from. Similarly, if you’re in the mood for open-toe heels, you have an entire collection right there to pick and see which one looks best with your ensemble. Lastly, if you’re going for a party, you can simply see which ones are fit into the occasion best.

  1. Don’t lose a pair to loose fit:

    Keep a bunch of hair ties handy in shades matching your shoe best (or some transparent ones) in case you find your feet slipping out of your shoes all too often. This especially happens if you have narrow feet. Take two hair ties and knot them together from one end. Then, slide one side of this knotted hair tie around your ankle, and the other one to your shoe, so as to form a cross. This will hold your feet in place, and look super smart too.

  1. Avoiding toe-strap sandal bloopers:

    Open toe heels and toe-strap sandals look super dainty (and are a great way to show off your pedicure too) but it sucks how sometimes they keep slipping out of our sandals. Well, luckily for us, one vertical band-aid, stuck across the heel is all one needs to keep such situations at bay. The friction is enough to keep our feet in place.

Do you have any other hacks that you swear by to enjoy your shoes as much as you can? Did you try any of our tricks? Tell us in the comments below!