Get Date Night Ready With Cai With These Five Dazzling Shoes To Pick From

We believe that the secret to a promising first date is to stand out while fitting in at the same time. Think about it. You want to exude warmth without coming across as overbearing or intrusive. You want to be able to talk and yet not soar past the TMI mark. You’d like to be remembered and thought about after the date ends, but not in a way that’s an example for other people to not be like.

The same applies to your outfit choices. Choose something that makes a statement without being too loud, flashy and flamboyant, unless you’re Ranbir Kapoor and that’s how you like to roll (we’re huge fans btw). On your first date, you might like to play it safe, but don’t be plain Jain at the same time. One stylish accessory can make all the difference, and if we were you, we’d choose either of these five women’s sandals from The Cai Store. Bold enough and very stylish, these recommendations of women’s stylish flat sandals are so comfortable, you’ll feel just as great as you’ll look in them.

Two Strap Embellished Sandals: When in doubt, choose our Two Strap Embellished Sandals. A classic bestseller, this design has topped charts ever since it was launched - and for good reason. From complementing a cute LBD to a sitting just right with a boho jumpsuit, to elevating your tee with jeans look in no time, there are countless ways you can style this pair, and there’s no place these shoes won’t make it to. Walkable and wooable, choose to wear what you may and slip these sandals for women on at the end – and voila! you’re dressed to impress. 

Shimmer Entangled Flats: You can play it casual and yet be well-dressed, right? Because you’re definitely going to be the latter if you choose to wear our Shimmer Entangled Flats. If you believe in magic you’d definitely be convinced that these pair of slip-ons have magical powers, because you’re literally a slide away from looking your best. The intertwined shimmering flap instantly adds suave and style to your persona, and elevates your outfit.

If you want to wear throw on something that is fuss-free and comfortable, but yet not show up looking drab, go the way these pair of flats take you. A second date night is bound to happen. 


Black Bejeweled Heels: If you’re meeting your date straight from work, or after a hectic day of running errands, our Black Bejeweled Heels are the perfect black sandals for women to uplift your spirits, and your appearance. The perfect dancing shoe, its silhouette assures walkability and allures compliments. A little heel is a great way to perk up your confidence, and when your feet are enwrapped in a tight hug, you’ll just have a feeling that the meeting is going to go really well – and it will.


Quilted Tan Heels: If you don’t want your date falling hard for you, we’ll suggest you avoid wearing these pair of branded sandals for women, because we’re warning you, they will. Speaking of falling, the streamlined silhouette and comfortable block heel is the right choice to ensure that you tower tall without tripping and embarrassing yourself, whereas the simplistic tan finish and sleek flap infuses sophistication and class into your look. From looking absolutely terrific with a pair of fitted jeans and a ruffled top to complementing every skirt, short and one piece, we don’t know about your date, but this pair is surely a keeper.

Clear Strap Chain Heels: Ladies who love comfortable sandals for women and our Clear Strap Chain Heels – a match made in heaven. These slip-on heels are so comfortable and chic, you’ll want to go on a date with them every day. And in case you decide to wear them to a date, sparks are sure to fly. The transparent flap itself is so in vogue, with the metallic chain-link hardware sprucing it up even more with its subtle edginess. Make fuss-free date nights a thing by slipping into just about anything, and then putting these heels on. They’ll love you in it, and what’s more, you’ll love you in it even more!