Five reasons why block heels are so popular

Gone are the days when parties meant donning on spiked stilettos that wreaked havoc on your feet long after you have removed them from your feet. Block heels have officially taken over and for good reason.

Breaking barriers with multitudinous styles and serving inspiration with its sheer versatility, from work meetings to after-dark chic, this shoe type is not just a recurrent blast from the past, it is here to stay. With a fashion-meets-functional vibe, block heels are bound to dictate your shoedrobe choices because they’re the answer to our prayers to not be stuck at a junction where we have to choose between aesthetics and ankle health.

In addition to being on-point with current shoe trends, block heels themselves have adapted themselves with signature styles in every height. Leading shoe designers are highly recommending women to invest in at least one chunky block heel for their closet, elucidated below are some of the reasons why -

Versatility in use:

Block heels sit just about right with an array of looks, from work-wear to party-ready. They’re comfortable enough to be worn while you’re hustling in your daily regime and trendy enough to fit into your party aesthetic. What’s more, different designs suit different occasions perfectly. You have your block heeled sandals for an evening of dance, the classic pointed closed-toe sandal to amp up your power dressing for a work event, muled block heels for acing your vacation look, and of course, the open-back classic block heels for literally just about anything. Our current favourite is the curved block Black Studded Heel, which is so cutting edge and geometrical, we love it.

Curved Block Black Studded Heel


The most promising thing about block heels that make it a worthwhile investment is a fact that they have stood the test of time. They have lasted across seasons, with different variations topping the chart each year. Available with a variety of embellishments, textures, and straps - you can’t help but drool over the designs and trust them enough to last you for years, stealing the show season after season. Set eyes on the season’s ultimate show stopper here.

Helm of chic comfort:

Cramped toes and twisted ankles are no longer your reality after wearing heels for long hours. Enter the reliable block heel, designed to distribute your weight evenly across the heel; to offer stance and style without straining your feet one bit. To tower skyrocketing high physically, and in the looks, department need not come at the expense of the well-being of your feet, the block heel takes care of that. And in case you’re bored of the squarish design, let our round heels wow you, such as in the Life in Fruity Loops.

Life in Fruity Loops Heels

Heaps of different looks:

From skinny jeans to casual skirts, bootcut side-slit denim to a wide variety of dress silhouettes, we really cannot think of even one piece of outfit that doesn’t go well with block heels.

So flexible in its relevance, and so much fun to style, whether you invest in a classic nude or black pair of block heels or decide to get experimental with the newer popping hues, you won’t be disappointed. And for everything else, there’s our sworn ally, the Clear Strapped Chained Heels. You will find yourself reaching for it more times than you can count.

Clear Strapped Chained Heels

Comfortable luxury:

Nothing spells luxury like a glistening rhinestone studded pair of uber-chic block heels, that make the best accessory for round-the-clock parties. All you really need is a little bit of height to elevate your fashion game at times, and the block heel does that beautifully. A simple pair of fuss-free black heels or tan heels can match just about anything, and set fashion goals while doing so.

When in doubt, turn to our Glamour in Tan to do all the talking