5 Stylish Women’s Flats For Everyday Use

Sometimes, our best friends don’t have to be people. Sometimes, retail therapy, some writing, or even playing with a dog can really do what a conversation couldn’t. For Team Cai, our go-to (no prizes for guessing here) is footwear.

Our reliable companions never fail us, and walk with us wherever we go - literally so. Ever so comfortable, they only get better as the years go by, becoming softer and more welcoming than ever. On a monotonous evening when we’re looking for a pleasant stroll or an energetic Saturday when we need company and backing to dance the night away, trusty slippers will always be there to keep us company. 

So if you too seek what we already have, here are five of our favourite stylish and comfortable flats for women that are perfect for round the clock, everyday use.

Shimmer Entangled Flats: No time for a pedicure? Worry not, you can still put your best foot forward with these gorgeous closed toe flats that simply look awesome. The off-white hue makes it a buttery choice that will spread dollops of oomph across your ensembles, while the hint of brown strokes makes a real conversation-starter owing to its unique design, jagged texture and print. The streamlined silhouette and padded surface lends comfort par excellence and you can trust this pair of women’s flats to be your reliable ally from dawn to dawn.

Dipped in Rose Gold: It glows, and it glitters and it is the perfect pair of flat sandals for women to turn to for every outing, errand run and party. Fuss-free enough to reach for more times than you can count and fancy enough to wear to an occasion, you can blindly rely on these flats from the moment you slip out of bed until you’re ready to slip right back into it. We love the asymmetrical, broad flap that supports and styles one’s feet beautifully.

Holographic Strand Flats: Who said you can’t be edgy everyday? If you love to be experimental and stand out with your unique and trendy ladies flat shoes choices, this one is for you. The strategically spaced thin straps to lend your feet support, lined with holographic fabric to blend seamlessly with all your outfit hues, these slip-ons are a keeper and will have you hooked to them till you wear them out, which won’t be for a very long time. 

Brown Toe Loop Sandal: If you prefer a flat sandal over a slip-on for everyday use, this one is highly recommended for a plethora of reasons. The neutral brown hue makes it an eveready piece that will match with every outfit, while the toe loop and back strap aligns your feet and cuddles it when you have to stand for long stretches of time, The minimal design allows you to go over the top ensemble-wise. Pair it with work wear or a fit and flare summer dress, these flat shoes for women will match with one and all. 

Puzzled in Beige Flats: If you want your everyday flats to be dainty, feminine and full of charm, lay eyes on this pair and you’ll know you’ve found the one. The intricate crochet design, the delicate hue and and the simple silhouette, this footwear has beautifully nestled itself between classical simplicity and boho chic. Interesting enough to wear wherever you go and comfortable enough to support your feet while you’re at it, if you’re someone who loves to dress up, these sandals make the ideal designer flats for you.