10 Kinds Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Shoes have the power to completely transform your look. From being your companion for a long walk at the beach to being your ally when you need to power dress for an important meeting, to being your cheerleader and anchor at a marathon to help you impress your cute date, no feat is impossible with the right pair of shoes on your feet. Take your outfit to the next level or show up looking like a fashion faux pas - the right pair of shoes for women can make that decision for you.

However, with these ten kinds of footwear in your shoedrobe, you’ll sail with flying colours in the former category always. Here, have a look at our recommended curation of these essential kinds of shoes that will work with your wardrobe, always.

Let’s start with heels. 

Firstly, even if you’re not a heel person, buy women’s shoes at Cai and you’ll be a heel loyalist, if there ever was one. Our carefully designed elevation, streamlined silhouetted and square toed front makes our heels a breeze to walk, no, run in. What’s more, our designs are the perfect amalgamation of contemporary trends and never-goes-out-of-style classics. Longevity is guaranteed, so invest in a few and they’ll last you a long time.

A heel newbie should begin their journey with a pair of platform wedges, such as our Nude Studded Wedges. The 3D spiked design and V -Strap is both attractive and supportive, while the platform heel will allow you that much needed elevation sans discomfort. What’s more, there’s nothing that a pair of beige heels won’t complement, so you’ll be sorted for pretty much every event. 

If you’re ready to be more experimental, daring, and well, pleasantly surprised, move on to shopping for two additional colours - yes, black and white. Both of them will complement a majority of your wardrobe, so get them in different heel types - a block and a broadened pencil. For instance, we absolutely swear by our Black Spiked Heels if you want something sleek and stylish for all your parties. High enough to lend sophistication to your frame and comfortable enough to let you dance the night away without breaking into a sweat or hurting your feet, this one is the life of every outfit, and will walk with you for more miles than you can count. If a comfortable block heel is what you’re looking for, your search will end at our White Ruched Heels. We love the textured broad flap and ivory hue. It’s young, chic and will look fabulous with jeans and dresses alike. Take this pair of ladies footwear to lunch, wear them at a wedding, and everywhere else, you’ll find a companion in them, always. 

Now that you have the basics sorted, there are two more recommendations of heeled ladies shoes that we know you’ll thank us for, later. The first - invest in a pair of eye-catching pumps that will do the dressing up for you on days when you just want to throw on something basic and low-key. Our Multi-Weaved Heel has been our go-to on days when we’re wearing a basic black tee and skinny jeans and are still hoping to look great. The colourful multi-toned texture, and supportive back strap make this pair of closed-toe heels easy to wear and easy on the eye. Speaking of colourful, here’s our next suggestion. Bring home a pair of coloured open toe heels. We have an entire range of really bright candied tones, but our favourite are the Maroon Stud Heels. Not too experimental and yet not subtle enough to skip someone’s attention, a solid coloured heel will immediately add more personality to your monochrome or coordinated outfits. Slip into them with a pair of jeans and a shirt, and you’re ready to transition from workwear to after dark chic in no time.

Lastly, glitter. From wedding parties and cocktails to late night birthday celebrations, there are so many jazzy events and bashes we have to go all decked up for, and the easiest way to glam up your look is to wear a pair of glittering ladies stylish shoes. Our Intertwined Diamond Strap Heels are a real saviour, for they doll you up with minimum effort. The intercrossing straps encrusted with crystals, set on a complementing base - this pair is so elegant that it makes a statement in itself.

However, if you don’t want to invest in yet another pair of party heels, get our Two Strap Embellished Sandals - they also promise to recreate the same magic while you feel your comfortable best, and make an easy transition from workwear style to evening glam  in no time. 

Speaking of flats, we’ve got some drool worthy slip-ons too that you have to add to your shoedrobe to have an ironclad collection that serves every purpose.

Our Beige Braided Platforms make it to the top of the list. Ravishing in a rustic kind of way, they’re young and trendy and the perfect pick of womens shoes online for everyday outings. From a chill afternoon with your friends to a casual dinner to even a day at the beach, this one will match every purpose and look great while at it. Another must-have, especially for more formal days, such as office days, meetings and other such commitments are our Carbon Black Beads Flats. The ace of closed-toe shoes, this one has the magical finesse of a formal shoe and the ease of a slip-on. The black beads add more poise and regality to your feet to help you stand out and look gorgeous while fitting right in. 

Lastly, your collection cannot be complete without a pair of proper shoes, and what better than our Sonus Oxford Closed Shoes to make the cut. Perfect to take to your next hiking trip or a summer in  Europe, this one looks great with mini skirts. skorts and athleisure alike. Get your hands on them and you’ll have a friend to go with you on adventure trips, parties and so much more.